It Can Wait: Txt L8er, Drive Now

While there are plenty of distractions in your car, like the radio, GPS, passengers, etc., Wichita Falls Crime Prevention Specialist Jeff Hughes says texting and driving is probably the worst.

"Any time that you add something on top of that, that takes your mind or maybe even your hands, then you're just multiplying all of those distractions," said Officer Hughes. "So that one extra could be the one that's deadly out there on the roadways."

The average text message takes your eyes off the road for five seconds. Traveling at 70mph, you will cover the length of nearly two football fields in that time.

"Even if it's just a split second, because anything can happen in a split second," said Hughes. "Anytime there's a distraction behind that wheel, you know you're looking at a deadly combination."

If you must send a text message, Hughes suggests pulling off the road to a safe location, or simply handling anything on the phone before you drive or once you reach your destination.

Newschannel 6 partnered with AT&T in their It Can Wait Campaign.
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