Team of the Week: Olney

Between the plays, signs and routes, learning football can be hard. Trying do that while also learning English, seems downright impossible, but that's the case for 2 new students at Olney High School.

Wilson Brasil from Brazil and Alex Garcia from Spain are both studying abroad in Texoma this school year and both decided to pick up football for the first time.

Brasil said, "You have to kind of memorize all the plays and in the beginning, I have to say, it's pretty hard because of the language." His study abroad companion Alex Garcia said, "When I came here my English was horrible and at the beginning it was hard to understand the coaches when they spoke."

Both teens are playing for the Junior Varsity squad right now, but said they hope to see some Varsity action before the season is over. Brasil said, "It's a new experience, I mean it's really hard on the first days but it's pretty cool."

The football they're used to, we refer to as soccer. One thing Garcia likes about our version, is the contact. He said, "I like the contact, hit somebody. I don't mind of anybody hits me because it doesn't hurt, I don't mind."

But their skills on the soccer pitch do translate to the football field. Brasil said, "The speed and the quickness that you have to dodge. If you're not a goalkeeper catching the ball can be pretty hard." And for kicker Alex Garcia, there's a definite link between the sports. He said, "When I came here and I kicked the first time everybody did like 'oh my God' and it's pretty good."

The Olney Cubs will host Jacksboro this Friday night.

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6