Child Abuse Reports Rise

Patsy's House said they are seeing an increase of cases and predict the numbers will continue to stay on the rise.

Patsy's House interviewed a total of 303 children last year, that is a 16% increase from their yearly average.

Patsy's House officials said the heightened awareness of sex abuse in the media are all factors of why more kids are now speaking up about being a victim.

To keep up with the cases coming through their doors they are starting a full-time counseling program, and will now open on Saturday's.

With a new year, the non-profit needs to apply for more grants to keep funding coming in.

Keri Goins, Executive Director with Patsy's House, said, "It's tough to see your numbers rise and know that there's so many children out there hurting. On the other hand we know that there's children that never tell." Goins added, "The fact that our numbers are rising means we are helping more kids and doing something that will stop the cycle."

Patsy's House said they get most of their yearly funding through the Crime Victims Compensation Fund, which is in danger of being depleted.

Patsy's House encourages parents to keep a close eye on their children as the holidays get near. They said watch for any changes in behavior.

Patsy's House is hosting their annual Heart Gallery event along with Child Protective Services October 2nd. The event helps all children in the foster care system find a forever home.

Natalie Garcia,   Newschannel 6