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New Voting Locations in Wichita County

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Five Wichita County voting locations will be in different spots this November in an effort to keep voters safe and comfortable when they head to the polls.

Voters in Precinct 101 will be heading back to the Allendale Baptist Church after voting at the Wichita West Volunteer Fire Department for the Primary. County Clerk Lori Bohannon said that move was about safety. "The fire department being out on Seymour Highway, we worried about someone trying to cut back across traffic and you know maybe having an accident."

Voters in Precinct 302, 316 and 319 will be consolidating with voters from Precinct 308 at the Wichita Falls Independent School District's Education Center, a familiar spot for voters in that area.

Bohannon said the consolidation is meant to make things easier for voters. She said, "It was just not really good parking, the handicap was a little difficult to get to and they all went to the Education Center before anyway, that area, so we just moved it back there."

Voters in Precinct 106, who went to the West Wichita Co-op for the primary will now head to the Kamay VFD on Highway 258. In Iowa park, voters will trade in one church for another, moving from the Charparral Baptist Assembly to the Cowboy Church on Haws Road.

Bohannon said the moves shouldn't cause too much worry. She said, "The Allendale was a polling place before, the Ed Center was a polling place before, the only 2 new ones really is the volunteer fire department in Kamay and the Cowboy Church."

She also hopes with more room and better parking, more people might come out to vote. She said, "We have nearly 74,000 registered voters normally maybe we get 30% turnout I'd love to have at least 50%, that would be wonderful."

Early voting starts on October 22, all those locations are the same.

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6

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