Forestburg Residents Petition Water Board for Meeting

The people who live in the small community of Forestburg reached out to their water board for some answers Monday night. August 5, residents received a phone call or notice from the water board saying they couldn't use any water outside. They went from stage zero to stage four in a matter of seconds and residents say that just isn't right.

According to the water board they ran out of water and so they had to take drastic measures.  Stage four means no outdoor watering outside and watering only for essential use.

Residents had questions and concerns on why they couldn't have taken measures throughout the summer, instead of it being so drastic. They also claim it's been happening for the past few summers.

"When you run out of water you have to go to four, there's no holding back," said Charles Edwards, Water Board President.

"The whole state is affected, not just us. We have to come together as a group and decide what needs to be done because what we don't want is a sign on the edge of town that says out of water," said Forestburg water customer Vickie Hudspeth.

During this meeting a special guest, a Wichita Falls Engineer, came to discuss some problems and options the town has regarding its water supply. He said plain and simple that the town needs another water well. Forestburg still has the same pump and well from 1964. They get their water from the Trinity Aquifer.

The engineer estimated to drill a well will cost between $150,000-$175,000; a storage tank $75,000-$85,000; and a Pressure Tank $35,000-$50,000.

It's money the town doesn't have.
There were some things accomplished during the meeting. The Water Board was able to communicate more effectively to residents. The engineer will look into the next steps Forestburg needs to take to solve their water problems. He will get back with the water board once that is done. Since Forestburg is an unincorporated town getting grants will be more difficult. The town will have to go through Montague County.

It should be noted that many residents of Forestburg have their own water well and do not fall under the same problems these residents have, most if not all of the residents at the meeting are customers of the towns water meter.

Forestburg will hold a town hall meeting Monday, September 24, at 7 p.m. at the community center. People scheduled to attend include a representative from the Trinity Aquifer and an official with a gas company. Residents have concerns about their water usage, quality, and fracking. Those will be addressed during this meeting.


Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.