Murky Situation

A Newschannel 6 viewer called us because the City of Wichita Falls slapped her with a $89 water citation.

Lyndsi Parker said last month she was cited for illegally watering, but she said while it may have looked like she was watering, she was actually draining her above ground pool.

Parker said whoever put the citation in her front door didn't bother to check out the situation first.

Newschannel 6 reached out to the Public Works Department several times, to find out what proper protocol is for city employees writing citations. Due to directors being in meetings all day, we still have yet to hear back.

Parker is one of many residents facing water restriction fines. When Parker got the citation on her door step last month she was shocked. She said it was evident that she was draining her pool and not wasting water.

Parker said when she received the $89 citation she then called the Public Works Department to try to rectify the situation. Parker said after voicing her concern no one ever got back to her.

Parker commented, "I want the city to be more careful. If they would have taken the time and looked to see where the water hose was coming from, they would of seen the pool." Parker added, "If nobody calls and tries nothing, they can't complain, but whenever you make an attempt and try to get it dealt with then, I would just ask them to be more careful."

The Municipal Court said Lyndsi Parker was one of nearly 900 people cited for water violations since June.

Once a citation is written you have to take it up with the Municipal Court. Wichita Falls is currently under stage two drought restrictions, meaning residents are only allowed to water once a week.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6