West Nile Watch

Montague County has been home to the only West Nile death in Texoma so far. Now the county is being proactive in combating the mosquitoes and requested assistance with spraying from the Texas Department of State Health Services.

The county was able to get some assistance with larvicide and informational handouts, but they were not able to get help when it came to spraying.

The county received thousands of informational flyers and 500 larvicide cubes. Although the state's assistance was a huge help in preventing West Nile, residents are asked to take measures into their own hands.

The county asks residents to report any standing water in old tires or drainage systems.

Bowie's Emergency Management Coordinator Jim Spinks said he was a bit shocked, but understanding with the state.

"We were supported sufficiently for what our level of the problem was." Spinks added, "If something did occur and all of a sudden we had an outbreak, I think the state at that point would get with their higher contacts and help."

The Texas Department of State Health Services said when they get West Nile assistance requests they take many factors into consideration. They look at all the confirmed cases of West Nile in humans, the needs of the community, the current response efforts and cost of inventory.

Bowie residents are asked to call law enforcement if they see any standing water or places mosquitoes might lay their eggs in.

The larvicide tablets Montague County got, go a long way. One tablet is good for every 1,500 gallons of water.

Natalie Garcia,   Newschannel 6