Helping International Students With Technology

When Josseling Rojas heard the new student in her Algebra 2 class couldn't speak English, she thought of an app on her iPhone that she uses in her French class.

"We use that app in that class as well to, you know, translate essays and stuff, and I figured it does have all the languages on it, so why not try and translate for him," said Rojas.

The app allowed Josseling to type in English and have it translated into Arabic for her classmate. And then he could do the same to communicate with her.

It worked so well, any teachers who have the two Saudi Arabian students in class now use iPads with the same app to translate the lesson.

"Thank goodness for technology, because without that I think we'd all be, you know, hiding under a rock right now not really knowing what to do," said Algebra 2 teacher Dustin Altmiller.

The students are only in Wichita Falls for about six months while their father is stationed at Sheppard Air Force Base.