Man Indicted In Monica's Murder

A man suspected of the grisly killing his Wichita Falls ex-girlfriend, Monica Partida was indicted Wednesday in court. Jerry Joe Garza was indicted by the Wichita Co. Grand Jury on one count of murder.

The 41-year-old prime suspect was arraigned on August 2nd for Partida's murder last February. The affidavit stated a patrol officer found the 32-year-old woman dead in her kitchen with a bloody knife lying near her.

Autopsy results showed Partida was suffocated and stabbed 18 times. She also had numerous blunt force trauma to her face and head and a bite mark on her right forearm.

Family members told police the victim lived alone but had an abusive ex-boyfriend, named Jerry Garza. DNA from the bite matched Garza's. A mixture of Partida's and Garza's DNA was found inside gloves used during the murder.

Police interviewed Garza's uncle who said in less than 24 hours his nephew made a trip from Wichita Falls to Dallas and back. Monica was murdered sometime that night.

Garza was already in the Wichita County Jail on 2 aggravated assault charges. He has been considered a person of interest throughout the investigation.

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