Olney Councilors Discuss Water Restrictions

Olney City Councilor met Monday evening to decide whether to move the town's water restrictions into the final phase. Councilors decided not to go into Stage 4 at this time. That doesn't mean residents are off the hook just yet, they are still under stiff restrictions. Newschannel 6 spoke with a resident and business owner who says his business is on the line during this drought

"People need to drink before we need to wash our cars," said Derrell Marion, Owner, Olney Car Wash & Lube.

For a business owner that could be drastically affected by stage four water restrictions Derrell Marion doesn't let that effect his outlook on city leaders.

"I trust them. I think they identify with me and they understand the problem," he said.

The problem for him could mean a vacant car wash.

"I understand the problem and I've expressed the desire to get us through this."

The City of Olney measures it's water from Lake Cooper and right now it sits at 1,128.25 feet that's roughly around 40 percent capacity. At 1,127 feet that's when Stage 4 restrictions will undoubtedly go into effect. That fact being a hot topic at their council meeting; bringing forth a discussion about perhaps going into stricter restrictions earlier than planned but no changes were made.

City Manager Danny Parker told Newschannel 6 residents do not need to be in a panic mode but they should be concerned. "It wasn't that long ago when the city went into stage four," he said. He even recalled back in the 70s when the town dried out.
If mother nature doesn't shower Olney with rain in the coming weeks or months it's likely residents may have to watch their plants wither away. For Derrell Marion that could also mean his business.

City Manager Danny Parker said Marion can apply for a variance, meaning if the city goes into Stage 4 his car wash could possibly stay open for a few days a week.

Right now Olney is under stage three:

Watering may not be done from 9 a.m.- 6 p.m. any day. Watering is prohibited on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

Residents with even numbered addresses and those outside the city to the north of Hwy. 114 may water only on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Those with odd numbered addresses and those outside the city to the south of Hwy. 114 may water only on Monday and Thursday.

Fines range up to $500. For more information contact City Hall at (940) 564-2102.

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Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.