Faith Mission Preparing for Winter

It won't be long before the cold weather hits Texoma. Faith Mission is already gearing up for it.
Volunteers and staff are remodeling and renovating the food pantry for the winter months.

"Cleaning. Cleaning the floors, the walls, clearing out the old shelving and putting in healthier
shelving to store the food safely," said Marketing Director, Vicky Payne.

Volunteers and staff are making room for food that will arrive in just a few months.

"We are gearing up for the winter by trying to get the food panty organized."

Volunteers from various churches have come in to help with the renovations. Some even donating new shelves, the mission is still waiting for more.

"There are three or four shelves that need to be replaced, we need help from the community," said Payne.

Faith Mission serves about 200 meals a day, that number will easily rise come the November rush. Preparing for that in advance is key.

"It's very important because we want to be able to feed people a full meal," said Suzanne Willis.

What makes this year even more difficult financially is Faith Refuge. It opened in May and expenses are  pretty tight with two different areas of need but they know they serve the community and a purpose.

"People that come here they might go without a meal if we didn't have Faith Mission," said Payne.

Faith Mission always welcomes any processed meat from hunters. They're also asking residents to start getting their winter donations ready. When the weather gets cold Faith Mission will hold Hope for the Holidays, a winter-clothing drive.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.