Sniffing Out Crime

The Clay County Sheriff's Office is getting some extra help to sniff out crime.

Alfa is the new addition to the Clay County Sheriff's Office and they said she is a three year old Belgium Malawa breed.

County Sheriff Kenny Lemons said the extra help and set of paws will be a big help in fighting crime.

Alfa is settling into her new home and is trained in narcotics, tracking and searching. To get to the root of the problem, the Sheriff's Office said they plan to do a lot of searching for drugs out on Highway 287.

Sheriff Lemons commented, "Deputy Horton, Alfa's handler will be doing more highway searching for drugs that are coming through our community. 287 is a major highway through the county and a lot of drugs go through there."

In total the dog cost $9,500 and the Sheriff's Office said Alfa does come with warranty. Alfa was paid for through community donations and her upkeep will be paid through funds and property that has been seized.

Deputy Horton said it will take about two months for Alfa to get settled. Before Clay County, Alfa spent two years in Germany, then six weeks in Kansas at a training center.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6