Bond Helps Build Bowie I.S.D.

A 9 million dollar bond, approved by voters in Bowie last year is being put to good use throughout the district. Newschannel 6 has been following this story since the election and on Monday, Bowie Superintendent Steven Monkres gave our cameras a tour of the new athletic facilities.

Monkres said, "Everyone just comments on how beautiful the facility is and how nice it is for the kids, and the kids were just so excited to play on it". The Superintendent also said they've had a lot of interest from other Texoma teams who want to use the facility. Rider High Schools Softball and Baseball teams have both played on the new turf fields. Monkres said being able to bring in teams and spectators will help business in town. 

When we spoke with Monkres in September of last year he pointed out having the baseball, softball and tennis facilities on the high school grounds is a matter of safety. "The main thing we were trying to accomplish here was really a safety issue because currently our high school students drive across town to the current baseball field, the current softball field and tennis courts for practices, matches games like that."

The money is also being used for repairs to the roofs of several school buildings and was used to replace the HVAC system at the Bowie Intermediate School. Monkres said, "You could tell it was very old, it required a lot of maintenance it was not very efficient at all. We addressed all those issues with this new system and we've been very pleased with how it works for us."

Teachers just got control of the new system last week and it will allow them, for the first time, to control the climate in each individual classroom. The district also plans on replacing all of the exterior doors and windows at the Junior High School and add air conditioning to 2 gyms.

Despite the hefty price tag, Monkres said he felt like he had the support of the community. He said, "[People from out of town] They say, 'the community must be very supportive' and they really are. We're very proud of our community and how they support our school district."

There is still some minor work to be done on the Softball and Baseball fields, like building bullpens and adding a better fence around the border. Monkres said the district hopes to accomplish this and all other construction projects over the next few months.

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6