Team of the Week: Iowa Park

The Iowa Park Hawks are this week's Dr Pepper Team of the Week. We're taking a look at the ever-important twelfth man at every Hawks football game: The crowd, and more importantly, the band.

Friday nights wouldn't be complete without the sights and sounds of the Iowa Park marching band encouraging the crowd and the players. Senior trombone player Andrew Strahan said, "The band adds a lot of excitement, it gets the crowd really up and moving and it kind of puts a little more excitement into the game."

Greg Miller has been the band's director for 37 years. He said, "Hopefully it brings some enthusiasm and spirit to the stadium and to everybody in general." Players told Newschannel 6 having the band and cheerleaders on the sideline helps get them ready for the game.

Senior wide receiver Jace Langen said, "Coming through to the fight song is always something we dream of as little kids. When you're out there doing it on Friday nights and the bands playing right there beside you and cheerleaders, it just means a lot."

Just like the players, the marching band puts in a lot of work. Sophomore and alto saxophone player Lucas Sosebee said, "We actually have our own 2-a-days in the summer for band and it's a lot of work, we repetition, repetition just to get everything down."

Their hard work has paid off, as this year the Iowa Park marching band will compete for a 30th straight Sweepstakes. The honor includes receiving top marks in marching, concert and sight reading.

For now, the Hawk band will be there to cheer on their team week in and week out. Strahan said, "I'm excited for every Friday night, I love to go out there and perform and watch the game and support the team."

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6