Recent Rains Helping Lawns and Gardens Across Texoma

Wichita Falls received a little more than an inch of rain Saturday and through the course of the past few weeks we've seen a few downpours.

A drive across town and it's easy to see green grass not brown sprouting out across lawns.

"Plants are reacting very favorable to the extra moisture," said Noble Matlock. "People are reacting to it as well."

"Everything is green and perky and everything looks good," said Gardner Sue Hunter.

Inside Smith's Gardentown flowers are blooming and so is business. More shoppers are coming in and taking advantage of the recent downpour, buying whatever they need to get their plants
growing again.

"We've been out of town and we came back and you can tell a tremendous difference."

Noble Matlock lives just outside of Windthorst and is a regional salesman of VPG Fertilome and High Yield Products. What he's noticed is that as the rain comes down business goes up.

"The attitude of the people has improved and everybody now is starting to prepare to improve their lawn from the damage in the drought in the past."

"Lawns right now you should be putting pre-emergent on them which helps stop the fall weeds and any weeds that are germinating." said Bill Henderson of Smith's Gardentown.

He also says we're getting into the prime of planting trees and shrubs.

"If you have trees or shrubs that need to be replaced you want your root system to be established before it gets hot."

"Everything is looking a whole lot better since we've had some rain." said Matlock.

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Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.