Montague County Makeover

A major landmark in Montague is in desperate need of repairs. The county courthouse is getting a makeover to fix various issues.

The county has placed aside half a million dollars to fix all the problems. County Judge Tommie Sappington said the money is coming from cash reserves.

Judge Sappington said the funding will fix a number of things at the courthouse, starting with the old leaking roof that is causing water to leak on files and records. The sidewalk will also get repaired, along with old windows.

Judge Sappington said residents have mixed feelings about the renovations.

"It depends on the citizens because you got a lot of them who want to preserve the history to the county." Judge Sappington added, "Some couldn't see spending that much money for just the historical part of it. I think the biggest thing is change."

In January most offices will move from the courthouse to the annex, leaving only a few departments behind.

The next step in the renovation process is to decide which grant to apply for from the Texas Historical Commission. An emergency grant would cover 50% of the costs, a full restoration grant would cover 85 percent, but it's a much longer process.

A Texas Historical Commission representative will meet with Montague County officials on
October 22nd. They will go over information regarding the grants. Construction on the courthouse could start as early as spring.

Natalie Garcia,   Newschannel 6