Nursing Faith Mission

Midwestern State nursing students have taken their skills outside the classroom, and into Faith Mission. They've teamed up with the homeless to provide care they might otherwise not receive.

You wouldn't know it by looking at them or by listening to them, but two nurses doing clinicals at Faith Mission are actually students at MSU. Tuesday was their first day working clinicals.

"At first when I got here I was a little scared but once I got here it was very welcoming," said Jennifer Bujnovsky, MSU nursing student.

"When you work in these settings, you get to see people fighting homelessness, and how they're getting treated with their problems," said Senior Nursing Student, Samina Ali.

Tucked inside a small room at Faith Mission is what they call the clinical area. Most of everything they need to see patients is inside there. Tuesday they treated a little more than half a dozen residents of Faith Mission. One was serious.

"I was getting my heart checked for arrhythmia," said Kevin Stein.

His condition was serious enough that he had to be taken to the emergency room. A few hours later we met up with him again at the mission. He was feeling much better, and was thankful for the help.

"They take care of the people pretty good here," he said.

"If they weren't here they probably wouldn't have any other options," said Steve Sparks, Executive Director, Faith Mission.

Most (if not all) of those that come to Faith Mission have no other means to see a health care provider. Having these students here to check on their wellbeing gives residents comfort and much more.

"They do a lot of therapeutic care," said Marty Gibson, Assistant Professor of Nursing at MSU. "They just want someone to listen to them, their stories, symptoms and our students are good to lend an ear to that."

One thing Asst. Professor Gibson etches inside the minds of students is just how close anyone is to being in that situation.

"I always remind my students that they average person is only three paychecks
from being homeless themselves."

A reality seen but not overlooked at Faith Mission. Tuesday and Thursday nursing students go to Faith Mission. Because of the set schedule, they are able to track the health of residents there.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.