Bullying Prevention

Archer City ISD is taking a stand against bullying and the district is raising awareness about prevention.

Archer City ISD is talking to parents, students and staff about bullying. Kids are reminded on how to prevent from becoming a victim, and what to do if they see someone being bullied.

Archer City school officials said this school year, districts are now required by law to teach bullying prevention.

The district is setting new regulations. The high school students make their own video clips about raising awareness, and other campuses will have weekly bullying alert messages over the PA.

C. D. Knobloch, Elementary Principal and Assistant Superintendent, said, "We provide them with an education and not just academics. We are trying to work with parents with raising these children." Knobloch added, "If we work together we can educate them on how to deal with each other when there is a conflict, and what to do if they witness bullying taking place."

District officials hope their weekly reminders, education and training will provide for a safer and better future.

The school district also provides bullying training for parents. Various sessions are provided throughout the year. Parents are taught on what to look for and what the school's policies are. 

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6