Mom And Pop Halloween Shop

Wicked Andy's Scare Shop opened in Wichita Falls this year; it is the only locally owned Halloween specialty store that is open for the season.

Although it is in competition with huge franchises that move in for a few months from out of town, Co-Owner Chad Lagunas said business is good.

"Now that we're getting closer to Halloween, the store is just really taking off," said Lagunas. "We're getting people in here all day long until we close."

You can get all of the goods you need for a frightful Halloween season, including costumes, props and decorations. However, Wicked Andy's boasts a hands-on approach with customers.

"We just want to go back to tradition and bring a traditional mom and pop store back, and kind of get away from the franchise stuff and be hands on with the customers," said Lagunas. "We try to help them as much as we can; organizing, showing them different things, how to set up their yard, and  not really just pushing the product but also helping them."

The store is located on Rhea Road, right behind Furniture Row.

Wicked Andy's also hosts The Twisted & Insane Hay ride in Charlie, which also includes a haunted house. For more information on the haunt or the store, visit their website at