WFPD: Woman Attacks Driver With Wrench

Wichita Falls police have a woman in custody accused of attacking an Armored Roofing truck driver with a wrench.

Police were called to Armored Roofing around 9:45 a.m. There, the victim claimed Carrie Elizabeth Bell, 42, cut him off on the road, became irate, and drove around him trying to get him to pull over.

The truck driver continued to Armored Roofing, where he parked. Police said Bell pulled up and got out holding a large crescent wrench. Bell's husband also got out of the vehicle, and joined his wife to curse and yell at the victim.

Moments later, while trying to take down their license number, the woman swung the wrench at the victim who caught it mid-swing; Bell's husband rushed over and pushed the victim. Bell then hit the victim with the wrench upside his head.

The two drove off, but police tracked them at the 1200 block of Borland Lane. When they questioned Bell about the incident, she first said that she had never been to Armored Roofing. She later on confirmed the victim's story.

When asked why, Bell explained she was fed up with the Armored Roofing trucks always cutting her off on the road. The officer asked her where the wrench was; it was on the front seat of the truck.

Bell was sent to Wichita Co. jail without incident and charged with Aggravated Assault. Her bond is set at $50,000.