Nocona Senior Center Ransacked

Police are trying to figure out who broke into the Senior Citizens Center in Nocona Monday night. Meat and supplies were stolen and the building was also damaged.

The Senior Citizen Center is home to many elderly residents in Nocona. The center never thought they would be victims of theft, after all they do for the community.

The center provides Meals On Wheels and is a place visited by many daily.

Staff said the thieves broke into a window through the kitchen. They then took food out of the freezer that was mostly beef and turkey. They also cleared a shelf of dry foods from the pantry. The thieves then climbed through the ceiling and into the main offices, where they took some money.

Ella Williams, Board President of the Senior Citizen Center, said, "I'm assuming it might be someone young who did it, and to think how could they steal from their grandparents." Williams added, "That's pretty much the clients we have. Yes, it is shocking and I still can't imagine someone doing that."

The Nocona community has already stepped up and reached out. Repairs are already being made.

Despite what happened the Senior Center still delivered to their 70 Meals On Wheels clients, and feed nearly 50 people Tuesday.

Nocona Building Company is fixing the window and ceiling for free. Staff said someone else has come forward to help with adding an alarm system.

The center did report to police, but no one has been arrested yet.

If you would like to help the Nocona Senior Citizens Center out, you can contact them at (940)825-3148 or visit them at 410 Pecan Street in Nocona.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6