Team of the Week: Holliday

Tradition thrives at Holliday High School, where we find the Eagles, our latest Dr. Pepper Team of the Week.

Senior Lineman Tye Lawson is one of the first in his family to play a position other than Quarterback for the Eagles. His father Barry graduated in 1979, and was coached by Tye's grandfather. Tye said, "It puts a little bit of pressure on you trying to live up to your brother and your families name but really it gets me more fired up whenever the game comes around I'm just ready to go hit somebody."

Barry Lawson looked back on his time with the Eagles and said, "Around here everyone just lives to play and it just kind of carries over into everything you do." He said hard work and a sense of community keep people coming back to the team generation after generation. Tye's mom and

Beyond the Lawson clan, other players are carrying on the legacy of brothers and fathers. Senior Lineman Camryn Schilegel said, "My dad played in, I don't know, he's old, and my older brother played, he graduated in 2008. It kind of has a big impact on you as a child knowing that you can say that's my brother out there on the field and my dad used to play too. It kind of just drives you, it motivates you to play better."

Quarterback Jacob Cole played with his older brother for one year before he graduated. He said having Tyler around was a big help, "He was always there to help me out I mean if I'm at home and I need help with something on the offense he's right there to help me out."

Since the 1970's things have changed at Holliday High School, but the spirit has not. Barry Lawson said, "The spirits the same. I mean, the stands are full, they've always been full. You got old timers that come in and watch. The kids are around playing, it's just fun."

The Eagles will take on long-time rival Henrietta Friday night at 7:30.

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6