With Deer Season Approaching Texomans Head to Gun Show

Deer season starts the first Saturday of November and many Texomans are gearing up for it. The hunt was on this weekend at the Wichita Falls Gun & Knife Show. People were searching for the obvious, rifles and guns but this time of year also brings in political issues. However, that didn't seem to be the reason on why so many Texomans headed out to the show.
There were guns, rifles and more rifles. Enough to keep buyers like Todd Millican coming back for more. He purchased a shotgun.

"Hunting season is coming up and people are looking to get a new gun or some ammunition," he said.

For vendor and private collector Warren Reid the day was busy.

"I sell older guns, collector guns, 1800s," he said. "Deer season is coming up and there's been a pretty good sale on deer rifles."

Deer season. It starts Saturday November 3, and it's that in particular that many say drove people to the MPEC, not the political situation. And there didn't appear to be any gun hoarding, nothing out of the ordinary.

"Any time you have presidential years you might see some kind of change in traffic plus or minus we really haven't had that," said Greg Wilson, Wichita Falls Gun & Knife Show.

"I really don't think that either side the democrats or the republicans is going to be that much of a change in the gun issue," said Reid.

"The big surprise we've had is that there hasn't been any big surprises!" said Wilson.

The Gun & Knife Show always aligns itself with upcoming seasons. It's a sure-fire way to get Texomans in and out with more than they came with.

Greg Wilson with the Gun & Knife Show says it's also more than just guns and knifes! You can find plenty of other local vendors selling books jewelry and much more.

The next gun show will be December 1 and 2, just in time for Christmas season.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.