Bright Outlook for Clay County

The future of Clay County looks bright. New businesses are showing interest in the county and that means new economic development and growth.

Over a hundred jobs are expected to open up in the next few years. The City of Henrietta is gearing up for all the change. Henrietta's Economic Development Corporation said Blue Ridge Trailers, a manufacturing company out of Canton Texas, will be moving in. Blue Ridge will occupy the former Silver Creek Homes facility.

The EDC also said a large out of state manufacturing business, who's name has not been release yet, is also planting roots in Clay County.

Along with the Pecan Shed, all the new growth will create nearly 200 jobs, but the EDC said housing will be a concern.

Rick Langford, Henrietta's Economic Development Director, said, "We know it's going to be an issue and it's going to have to be addressed. The sooner we address the issue the easier it is." Langford added, "We want to make sure that when people decide to move to Henrietta, there is housing there for them."

Henrietta's EDC said it owns land on the north side of town and are currently working with  developers. They plan to possibly build a subdivision of about 200 homes.

Henrietta city officials said despite all the growth, they plan to keep Henrietta's small town way of life. Officials added the size of Henrietta will change, but not its heart.

The EDC has recently started a new slogan 'Henrietta Is Open For Business' and residents will see signs up throughout the town.

Natalie Garcia,   Newschannel 6