WFPD: Terroristic Threats Against WDS Global

Two men are accused of making threats against a Wichita Falls business.

WDS Global employees told police Michael Jarnagin, 33, and Tyler Platt, 27, told them they wanted to blow up the business and kill their co-workers.

Two employees were interviewed by police. One said the two suspects had stopped at her house the week before, and Jarnagin said he wanted to blow up WDS because he thought it would be fun. When asked how he would do it, he described going into the business and shooting the receptionist in the head.

The arrest affidavit states the two described how they would put all of the African American employees into a room and set them on fire. They also said how they would hang another employee and stab him, allowing him to bleed to death. Platt showed the employee a picture of an automatic rifle, and it made the employee believe he had the means to carry out the threat.

The other employee interviewed said Platt told him that if he didn't get promoted, "bad stuff would go down at WDS." He said on a different occasion, Platt told him he wanted to blow up WDS, then referred to going into the business and shooting everyone.

Jarnagin was arrested on an unrelated warrant. Police searched his phone and in text messages Jarnagin asked Platt how work was going and if he had killed anyone. Platt responded back stating he couldn't do it without Jarnagin.

Both men are charged with Terroristic Threat.