New Age Firefighting

The Wichita Falls Fire Department is expanding and improving their fleet. The two brand new custom built fire trucks were on display Thursday.

The two fire trucks were customized specifically to what the Wichita Falls Fire Department wanted. They offer modern technology to help keep you and firefighters safe.

The new trucks will be replacing two older ones. The department said the new trucks offer so much more. State of the art cameras are stored throughout the trucks. They carry more water in their tanks, and even offer a tank water gauge. Better lighting is provided and mechanical chains for bad weather.

Chief Earl Foster, said, "It's always good to have the newer equipment if you can afford it. With the better technology and with the lower maintenance, it's more cost effective for the citizens." Chief Foster added, "It's going to be safe for the citizens and we can respond more efficiently to get there and help the citizens."

The Wichita Falls Fire Department said they got the two new fire trucks back in September,   since then firefighters have been learning how to run the new engines.

Station two and eight will receive the new trucks. The department will also get three new brush trucks next week, to complete all their equipment improvements.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6