Antique Appraisal Fair: Trash or Treasure

One man's trash is another's treasure. Numerous Texomans came out to a special antique and collectable appraisal fair Sunday held by the Senior-Junior Forum. Many came to get items verified while others were looking to learn how much money their antique was worth.

At nearly every table laid across the cloth was someone's memorable antique. From a bible that dates back to 1883 now worth $700 to $800, to jewelry, framed art and more.

"We had a lot of different items," said Ginger Beisch with the Senior-Junior Forum.

Each person that brought in an item waited anxiously hoping they might have something worth more than their wildest dreams. Some, like Sandy LeBow, were pleased. She brought in five antiques she had laying around her house.

"What I really wanted to get looked at was a piece from the Civil War."

She wanted to verify a soldier pocket shrine was from the Civil War.

"It was," she gushed. "That was a good find."

Rita Tanner stretched out her jewelry and a old envelope holder that carried sentimental memories.

"It actually belonged to a family friend about 60 years ago it was given to my mother and they gave it to me when she passed away," said Tanner.

That was often the case at the event. Items brought in had too much of a sentimental value that the thought of selling them for a profit was unlikely.

"It doesn't matter what it's worth because they're all really sentimental things to me because it's not anything I would ever sell because it's just sentimental things," said Lebow.

Money raised from the event will benefit organizations the Senior-Junior Forum supports. Those include Beacon Lighthouse for the Blind, First Step Inc., Imagination Library, Kemp Center for the Arts, Midwestern State University Scholarships, MSU-Burns Fantasy of Lights, Special Olympics, The Kitchen/Meals on Wheels, and Youth Opportunities Center.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.