Final Debate Preview

Students at Midwestern State University are gearing up for tonight's final presidential debate.

Sophomore Collin Parker plans on watching the debate live. He said, "I'm a relatively opinionated person but I'm also very open minded that's basically why I've been watching the debates." Parker said he'd like to see the same aggressive President Obama that voters saw in the last debate. He added it would be nice to see some consistency from G.O.P challenger Mitt Romney.

Senior Daniyal Kamal said he plans on just catching the highlights. He said, "I think I'll probably just go read about it on the net because watching it would take forever and with an exam coming up I think just reading a couple lines or news alerts or headlines will probably do the job for me."

Both students said they would like to see the candidates go after each other again. Kamal said, "I think it's a good thing to see them go toe to toe because we can really see the inner truth come out of both of them."

Parker said, "I do really like the 'cut each other off' thing. It gets kind of feisty in there and it gets pretty entertaining." Parker added tonight might not be the best night for that kind of debate. He said, "It's the last one. We really need to lay everything down on the line and just get things buttoned down."

The debate will focus on foreign policy issues and can be seen tonight on Newschannel 6 starting at 8:00.

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6