CPS Supervisor Being Investigated

Child Protective Services Program Administrator Of Investigations Geneva Schroeder has been put on emergency leave as Abilene Police investigate her and two other supervisors.

According to a press release from Abilene Police, "The Department became aware of instances in which CPS employees were told by supervisors not to cooperate with law enforcement," in regards to a case involving the death of a 22 month old girl.

Police said records were also not immediately released by CPS when requested. "Even then the records were not believed to be complete, thus complicating law enforcement's investigation into the child's death," the statement read.

The Wichita Falls CPS branch is not under investigation. Chief Stan Standridge said no offices are being investigated; only the supervisors are under a criminal investigation.

The alleged offense of Tampering with or Fabricating Physical Evidence is a third-degree felony.

Chief Standridge would not comment on Schroeder's possible involvement in the investigation. She is on paid leave until further notice, but can be recalled for regular or other duties. She must also be available by phone during normal business hours.

CPS Spokeswoman Marleigh Meissner says there are no immediate plans to fill Schroeder's position while she is on leave.