Only On 6: #Instaporn

Only on 6: Instaporn

Gone are days where pornography was only found in magazines. It's now at the fingertips of every key board and smartphone.

Readily available in just seconds to everyone, including your kids

Children can find pornographic pictures on their cell phone, iPad, even some gaming systems, through a very popular app called Instagram.

People use it to edit and share pictures, but now the pictures in question are readily available to any user of any age.

Which has many changing the name Instagram to Instaporn.

Teens and Tweens now days capture every moment with a click,and love to share those memories with the world.

That's done through Facebook of course and the ever growing Instagram..

"Kind of like Twitter and Facebook mixed together, you just go on your phone and share what you're doing, or just a bunch of pictures." said Jessica, an 8th grader.

These teens will testify to the fact that's it's getting bigger every day

"Lately I've been going on it more and more because a lot more people are actually joining." said Lauren,13.

So what's the big deal right? It's just kids posting pictures. Well the problem comes with hashtags.

That's when you assign a word using a "#" sign. People can then search out that work and find related images.

"If you wanted to research something like 'dogs', you would go to the search and type in 'dogs'. Every photo tagged with dogs or hashtagged you would see." said Lauren.

So, I snapped a picture with the tweens then hashtagged words they use.

Words like cute, hot, or fun were tagged and then searched out. But right in the mix, was an almost pornographic pic.

Although most pictures, like ours, are probably innocently thrown in the mix, most of these girls say they know girls who post inappropriate pictures on purpose.

The reason why, unfortunately goes back to peer pressure.

"When someone starts doing something and they are one of the more popular people a lot more start doing it." said Lauren.

After talking to the girls about Instagram, we brought in their mothers and grandmothers and showed some of the shocking pictures.

"It kind of breaks my heart that people would do that and expose our innocent children to that." said Kaylee's mom, Amy Adams.

"That was shocking to me. I have never seen photos like that come up on my own Instagram." said Sue Ann Gardner.

"Kids these days use words so innocently in their conversation, and then when they type that in, they don't realize what kind photos certain people may put on there, that they are not ready to see yet." said Mrs. Adams.

Which is why these parents say staying involved especially with the ever growing technology is key.