Surge for Spooky Supplies & Costumes

Goblins and critters across Texoma are getting excited about Halloween. For many Halloween stores the rush began days ago and will continue. The shops have been seeing big business surrounding the spooky day.

"Halloween is a big event here," said Pansy Brown, Owner of Pansy's Costumes and Dancewear. "We just finished the biggest weekend of the year."

"Yesterday most of our makeup, all of the liquid latex were gone. We were the only ones in town with that left. Anything that you could make a zombie with they came in here and got it out of here," said Melissa Duncan.

Rachel and Mike Allen stopped by Sunday so they didn't have to deal with the Saturday rush. "We're shopping for costumes, costumes to take our grandchildren trick or treating," they said.

At Pansy's, Sundays, they're usually closed but not the weekend before Halloween.

"It's mostly for the rentals of the costumes that went out last [Saturday] night."

Even the spine-chilling weekend weather wasn't enough to dampen their business.

"It was a plus for us because then everyone will need to come in and get a leotard to go underneath the costume and something that was bare and tights to keep their legs warm," she said.

For newcomer Melissa Duncan this was her first year running Wicked Andy's and it came with a few surprises.

"I'm surprised at all the Halloween fanatics out there. How much they're willing to spend on decorations. They come in and go all out on their yards."

Some of the costumes and accessories at Pansy's are made by Pansy. She said that her and her husband also do face painting for people.

At Wicked Andy's you can purchase more than just costumes. They sell tickets to their haunted hayride out in Charlie.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.