Making Sure Your Vote Counts

Newschannel 6 has been looking into reports of Texas voting machines displaying incorrect information while voters try to cast their ballots.

In a note released Saturday by the Texas Republican Party Ballot Integrity Task Force, officials said they confirmed 2 cases of machines incorrectly registering the candidate the voter chose. In one case, the Task Force said a voter selected Romney/Ryan, but the ballot displayed Obama/Biden. In another example, a voter selected a straight Republican ticket, but the machine displayed a straight Green Party ticket.

In both cases the Task Force note said the voter was able to catch the mistake and notify an election Judge. Newschannel 6 went straight to the source to find out if there had been any problems in Wichita County. County Clerk Lori Bohannon said, "I've been to all the early voting places picking up sign in sheets and taking stuff and they haven't mentioned any problems."

Bohannon acknowledged there have been some issues with electronic voting machines in the past, but said the problems are rare and usually happen during transportation. She said, "Sometimes when they're loaded in the vehicles to transport, the vibrations of the vehicles, especially if it's riding on the axle, can kind of throw it off a little bit."

Newschannel 6 also reached out to the Texas Secretary of State. Deputy Director of Communications Alicia Pierce said they had no confirmed cases of machines malfunctioning, but did add they had heard some second and third hand reports of issues.

Both Bohannon and the Secretary of State's office said the most important thing to do is review your ballot before submitting it.

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6