For $25 Thieves Create Nearly $10K Damage for Faith Mission

Thousands of dollars in air conditioning equipment is gone or destroyed from the Faith Mission Thrift Store. It happened at a time when the mission was beginning to revitalize the shop. Faith Mission staff believe the theft happened Wednesday night or early Thursday morning.

"Several thousand dollars worth of damage that they did to two of our air conditioning units as well as the copper they cut loose," said Faith Mission Executive Director, Steve Sparks.

The estimate to replace it is $6,000-$10,000. For a mission who relies on the community and donations, it's tough. Just recently volunteers and staff even began renovating the thrift store by painting the outside and moving things around on the inside. The decided to revitalize the store so people can continue to come back. The theft is certainly a burden for them.

"It's something we didn't necessarily budget for," said Sparks. "We're careful and we plan very well but it's hard to plan for those kinds of things."

The thieves caused thousands and thousands of dollars worth of damage for Faith Mission and only came away with $25 worth of copper.

If you know any information about the theft you can contact WFPD. Faith Mission asks that if anyone is able to help financially or in other ways you can contact them or stop by the mission at 1700 Travis Street.

Faith Mission will also be raising money at Christmas Magic this weekend. They'll be selling scarves, cards, and other homemade items.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.