Wet / Dry Vote in Graham

Voters in Graham will soon decide whether the city will stay dry or go wet.

There are signs up around town for or against the issue, and elections are just days away.

Residents against the sale of alcohol say legalizing it would cause more alcohol related accidents. Residents for the sale say the streets would be a lot safer, because people wouldn't have to drive miles to get it. They say it would keep drunk drivers off the road.

Either way voters decide, it's a heated topic and there are mixed feelings.

Wayne Ramsey, Graham resident against the sale of alcohol, said, "People are going to be at home drinking, then decided that they need more. They're going to get in their car drunk and head to the liquor store." Ramsey added, "That's the problem, the drinking and the driving."

April Riggins, Graham resident for the sale, said, "There's going to be people driving around to get beer around here, but at least it's close to home." Riggins added, "They are down the street instead of 18 miles away. Many things could happen in 18 miles, while you're under the influence."

The City of Graham has been dry for 104 years. Organizers in support of the alcohol initiative got it on the ballot by gathering 850 signatures, in two weeks in July.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6