Feeling the Football Impact

In a few months Texoma will soon start feeling the football impact. The Wichita Falls Nighthawks, the minor professional football team that's coming to the falls will add a big boost to the city.

Both Tim Chase, Chamber of Commerce President/CEO said right now it's too early to predict the impact they'll have but that's not stopping the team and city officials from talking.

There's high expectations at stake both on and off the field.

"Our expectations for this team is to win a national championship," said Jerry Hughes, GM of the Nighthawks. "If you support the community the community's going to support us and I think that's a winning combination for us."

When a new team comes roaring into Wichita Falls Tim Chase said the public may be skeptical about it, at first.

"They're going to turn around and say we're proud to have the nighthawks in Wichita Falls," said Chase.

Already the Chamber of Commerce is loving what they see. In the last 15 years Tim Chase says he's talked with a dozen or so teams that were testing the water in Wichita Falls but the Nighthawks wanted to do more than that, they wanted want to make this city home without asking for anything.

"When they first visited with the chamber," said Chase. "They said here's what we're going
to do and here's the half-time entertainment that we're proposing to get. Well go look at the website they got it!"

Their big lineup includes Tim Tebow, Joe Montana, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and many more surprises.

Three years ago the Pride in the Falls campaign was created. The first phase was get Wichita Falls to feel good about Wichita Falls. Adding on to that is a blossoming city thanks to some football players coming from division one schools and even the pros.

"We're taking those guys and we're making sure we're getting these guys over the top so who doesn't want to see an NFL star come out of Wichita Falls," said Hughes.

Jerry Hughes said WFISD is getting a big boost from the team. He wouldn't say how much but because the Nighthawks will be using their stadium they will be paying them.

The Nighthawks were scheduled to start selling tickets for their upcoming season later next month but they're going to move that up to this week.

You can purchase tickets for $10 at Christmas Magic.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.