WF To Conduct Trash Collection Survey

WICHITA FALLS - In an effort to streamline sanitation operations and reduce service delivery costs, the City of Wichita Falls is considering the conversion of residential alley solid waste collection to automated curbside collection. Standardizing collection services for all residential customers in the city has an estimated savings of over $300,000 a year.

The savings will be accomplished through a reduction in personnel, fuel, maintenance, and equipment costs. The conversion, which is planned to be phased in over the next three to four years, will also improve safety for City personnel and reduce damage to City equipment and private property located in alleys.

Prior to making this service change, City staff has been instructed by the City Council to conduct a survey of the existing residential alley solid waste customers. Beginning Friday, November 2nd, and for the next several days, City employees will be placing door hangers, containing the survey, on each residential alley customer's front door.

The survey will offer customers two options for trash collection and cost associated with each. One option is to retain the alley collection service with an increase in the monthly bill from $16.75 to $19.55, for a total annual cost of $234.60. The second option is to convert to automated curbside collection and receive a reduction of the monthly bill from $16.75 to $13.95, for a total annual cost of $167.40.

Customers are asked to select one of the two options and return the self addressed postage paid postcard to the City by November 12, 2012.  The results will be compiled and presented to the City Council in December.

For more information please contact Sanitation Superintendent, Dave Lehfeldt at 761-7977.