Scam Alert: Flooded Vehicles Coming In From Sandy's Wake

Officials are warning Texomans to be careful when buying used vehicles in the next few months, as refurbished vehicles come in from the storm ravaged East Coast.

"Unfortunately, any time there's been a flooding situation, we have seen flood damaged vehicles move into the market," said President of the Better Business Bureau of North Central Texas Monica Horton. "When we're going to have an influx of flood damaged vehicles out there, (consumers) really need to be aware and do their homework before buying anything."

Insurance companies often declare these flood damaged vehicles as "total losses", but they will be fixed-up and sold at auction. These vehicles are then put up for sale in used car lots, classified ads or by owners in different states.

"We are far removed from the flooding and the damage on the East Coast right now, so we might not be as aware and alert of the flood damaged vehicles," said Horton.

The BBB suggests bringing any used vehicle to a trusted mechanic before purchasing. However, they have issued ten tips to spot a flood damaged vehicle on your own; that list can be found here.