Campaign 2012: Wichita County Commissioner, Precinct 3

Newschannel 6 is keeping you informed on local races, as election day fast approaches. We met one-on-one with candidates running for County Commissioner Precinct 3, and each is confident that they are the person for the job.

Both candidates are trained for the job, but incumbent Barry Mahler is ready to take on a second term.

Mahler said, "My record shows that I've done a good job managing the county budget. We have a balanced budget and a reduced tax rate for 2013, reduced debt for the county and improved services."

Mahler wants to continue to do the best job possible at managing the county budget.

"I said four years ago when I ran in the elections that I would work hard to find the best value for your tax dollar, and that's exactly what we did and are going to do." Mahler added, "We have some major projects facing Wichita County in the years to come and I think I'm the best qualified to help manage those affairs."

Gordon Griffith, who held the position prior to Mahler, is ready to win his seat back and make some changes.

Griffith said, "The tax payers of Wichita County need to have their taxes stabilized and not keep going up every year."

Griffith wants to be there for his people, again. "I have experience and availability. I will be available 24 hours and my phone numbers will be in the phone book, even my cell number. I am available to the people of Wichita County."

Both candidates want your vote.

Griffith said, "I wish voters would remember that I will be working for them. I will be available to them for their problems and situations that come up, anything in the county realm of taxation and representation."

Mahler said, "It's been an honor to serve as County Commissionaire of Wichita County. We are not only involved in the management of the county business, but also the infrastructure. Mahler added, "I think we've done a very good job at taking care of the budget and improving the infrastructure of the tax payers of Wichita County."

Gordon Griffith was elected as County Commissioner Precinct 3 for the past 28 years, and last election lost to Barry Mahler in a run-off. If Mahler is re-elected, it would be for a second consecutive term.

Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6