Team of the Week: Rider

The Rider Raiders are preparing for their biggest game of the year against the Wichita Falls High School Coyotes. In the days leading up to the game and on the field, players and fans will be thinking one thing: ROHO.

In the world of Texoma high school football, ROHO is one phrase that stands out. "Ride On Honorable Ones" was a brand created in 1972 by coach Morris Mercer. Current Rider Principal Judy McDonald said, "They wanted to have something that would pull the team together and have that slogan that everyone would recognize as being a Rider slogan."

In the 40 years since, ROHO has become synonymous with Wichita Falls' biggest high school. Head football coach Jim Garfield said, "Everybody that walks this hallway understands what it means to be a Rider Raider and understands what it means to ride honorably."

The honor extends beyond the athletic fields and into the very essence of being a Raider. Coach Garfield said, "Look at our fine arts, look at our theater program, our choir, our cheerleaders, our band. This is a special place."

Rider will kick off against Old High Friday night at 7 at Memorial Stadium.

Jack Lamson,Newschannel 6