Booze In Henrietta

The city of Henrietta is going wet. That means alcohol will soon be for sale in the Texoma town.

Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission officials said it could be another two months before residents can buy alcohol. There is a process the city has to go through before anyone can get a liquor permit or license.

Meanwhile, Henrietta city officials said their phones have been ringing off the hook with residents and business owners showing interest in selling alcohol.

Many residents said they are ready to welcome the new change. Randy Holman, a long time Henrietta resident, wasn't surprised when a unanimous vote made his city go from dry to wet. He feels the change will boost the local economy.

Holman said, "I personally do think that this will be a good economic stimulus hopefully for the city. We are also hoping that there will be some business that will come in to town. We're hoping a nice restaurant will come into town and help the financial situation here in town."

Susan Thomas, another resident, said she knew city residents would go for the change. Thomas said, "If we could get more restaurants, it would be great and I don't think there's anything wrong with going somewhere and having wine or a beer..I think it will help Henrietta."

Along with helping the city, Thomas feels selling alcohol within city limits will keep the streets a lot safer. She said, "Its better here then having them go to Wichita Falls to get it...and I think it would be better at keeping people off the highway. Going to Wichita Falls and getting it, you have to worry about a wreck, so I thought it would be better here."

City residents said they're ready to see the city of Henrietta grow the same way their surrounding cities have benefited from having the alcohol ballot pass.

In order for the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission to move forward and start issuing permits and licenses, they need official election results from the city. Henrietta will be canvassing their results on November 19th.