Bowling Fundraiser Raises Money for Crime Stoppers

It was bowling for a cause Saturday evening at Village Bowl. Dozens of people came out to support Wichita Falls Crime Stoppers.

Those with Crime Stoppers says the non-profit is often overlooked by many citizens so this was a chance for them to raise awareness and funds.

Every pin that went down was another strike in the right direction for Crime Stoppers. The event will support the non-profit that in this day and age struggles to compete for your money.
"The economy is down right now so we compete with each other [charities] for the same dollar that everybody is looking for," said Board President Wes Middleton.

"Ever year is a struggle to pay these rewards," said Officer Joe Esteves. "We have money to
pay them but we have to continuously raise money to fill back up the bank account."

Tips that people call in for felony crimes are rewarded with cash. It's fundraiser's that will pay that person. The group raised $2,600 but when you consider the big picture there's still much more money needed.

"Two-thousand is what we pay out any given month for rewards. Last year
we paid out $58,000, more than $58,000," said Middleton.

Crime Stoppers doesn't just fight crime in the city. They're in schools across Texoma.
They have their own board and sponsor. There aren't lots of tips coming from the schools but they ones that do come in are usually about drugs.

"The majority of the tips that we get from the schools here in the area could be drugs, marijuana, things like that," said Officer Esteves.

In all 20 teams competed and as it would be, first place went to the police team.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.