Deployed For One Year: Texoma Soldier Needs Home for Two Dogs

A soldier is asking the community step up and help him. Two dogs need a loving home while he is deployed. Shawn Bridges, owner of the dogs, received deployment orders this month. He is in the army and has been stationed at Sheppard for four years. On January 8, he's on a flight to Korea and cannot take his pit bulls with him. His wife is in Italy and unable to take the dogs with her. He wants the dogs back when he returns twelve months later.
"I have a 9-year-old named Nicki. I've had Maya since she was 8-weeks-old, she's three years old," said Bridges, owner of two pit bulls.

The bond between the three is undeniable, unbreakable except when the military
sends a deployment letter.  Shawn says where he is going he is unable to take the dogs. He's asked friends, family, but he's found no one.

"I got with Donna Sullivan and she's been helping me out."

Donna Sullivan in on the board for the Humane Society. She asked Shawn to bring the dogs in on Tuesday to see how they interact with other dogs.

"The seem to be good with small dogs and they love each other and they are very well behaved," she said.

Shawn is hoping that someone can come along and babysit the dogs for one year.

"At the end of the 12 months I'll be right back here looking for the person
who has my dogs so I can take them with me to Fort Benning in Georgia my next duty station."

He says he's willing to pay all expenses from food to medical bills. The last thing he wants to do is put them up for adoption.

"I just pray we can find someone who can be a surrogate father to my dogs and take
care of them and love them like I do until I get back."

Shawn says the dogs are great with kids as he has a young child.

If you are able or if you know someone who is able to help Shawn you can contact him at
(253) 722-8589 or email him at

Shawn is also looking at organizations available to military members who are in situations like him. The only problem is the dogs would likely be separated.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.