Saint Jo Police Problems

Saint Jo is down to five officers now that the chief and several others have resigned.

Newschannel 6 heard straight from the former Police Chief about his resignation. Billy Reynolds said the city fired one of his officers before doing a proper investigation, which he claims is against city government code.

The Nunnely's who are the center of a heated debate in the city of St. Jo said they were targeted twice, in two separate incidents, last month. Both confrontations were caught on camera.

Jon Nunnely said it all started last month when he was pulled over by a St. Jo reserve officer for driving a car with no license plates, insurance, or registration. Nunnely said, "I gave them my name, but I didn't give my ID because I told them I didn't have it with me."

Former St. Jo police chief said the officer who pulled over Nunneley said, Jon didn't give the officer his name and that's where things took a turn.

Nunnely said, "I called people to the scene because it was a reserve cop and he didn't know who I was. I called people so they can vouch for me."

Reynolds commented, "Anytime you have people showing up on a traffic stop that the officer didn't call, it's a dangerous situation."

Reynolds said at that point he was called to the scene for back up and brought former officer Gary Amburn. Reynolds said when he got to the scene Mr. Nunneley refused to cooperate.

"That's where I had to raise my voice to have him come over." Reynolds added, "An argument happened between him and I , and I told him to put his hands behind his back. As I turned him around he did resist somewhat and he was taken into custody."

Reynolds said that's when former officer Amburn got involved. When the car was about the be impounded, Natalie Nunnery refused to let them take the car.

Reynolds said, "Once Natalie assaulted the peace officer by kicking him in the growing we immediately took her to the ground and took her to custody."

Jon Nunneley said Amburn used excessive force on his wife, who happened to be eight weeks pregnant.

"There shouldn't be two sides to the story because the video doesn't lie. Once you've watched the video you can come up with your opinion on what happened.'

Jon and Natalie were arrested and since have filed a complaint with the city, but appreciates the communities support.
Jon Nunneley said, "They've been real supportive because they know how the cops are. They just lie and they have had a lot of incidents come up in town. Nunneley added, "This time they did it to us and we have done something about it."

Reynolds has resigned due to the termination of Gary Amburn and lack of following policy in doing so.

"I've turned in my resignation and now the citizens are going to suffer because they have less of a police force." Reynolds added, "As a law enforcement officer it's my ethical duty to write a letter to the DA asking them to look into this, which I have already done."

Newschannel 6 also reached out to the city and Mayor of St. Jo and they have not called back. When we did speak with the Mayor last week off camera, he said his attorney advised him not to talk about it due to an internal investigation.

Natalie Garcia,   Newschannel 6