Ross Perot Jr. Visits Wichita Falls

Texas businessman Ross Perot Jr. visited Wichita Falls on Wednesday night to address the North West Texas Council #587 Boy Scouts of America at their 3rd annual Community Dinner.

Perot, an Eagle Scout, was scheduled to give the keynote speech as hundreds of people enjoyed a dinner at the Wichita Falls Country Club. Newschannel 6 caught up with the billionaire during the reception and Perot told us about how he applies lessons he learned in Boy Scouts to everyday life.

Perot said, "If you look at the values of an Eagle Scout, the values of all Boy Scouting, there are critical values. If you follow those values in your life you should do well. Every day are you prepared for whatever you're going to face that day? It's been important to me."

Forbes' latest list of the wealthiest people in America listed Ross Perot Jr. at 328, with a net worth of $1.4 Billion. Wednesday night, he said it was time for our leaders in Washington to look at Texas as an example to get through the financial crisis. He said, "You need a compromise that is pro growth, pro revenue and pro job creation. The most important thing to do now is get America back to work and you can do that through the tax code."

Despite another recession hanging over the United States, Perot said he's confident in our countries future. He said, "As an American you've got to be optimistic. This nation has so much embedded strength compared to any nation around the world. It would be a shame if our political leaders could not manage through this fiscal crisis."

Jack Lamson, Newschannel 6