Bourbon Bound

A Texoma business will soon bring the first and only legal bourbon distillery in North Texas.

The Rocking M Ranch Distillery is waiting on their federal license before they can get things running. They've already got their state and county license. Once the distillery is open for business they will be producing premium bourbon.

It's been three years in the making and now Tony and Debbie Moore are getting ready to produce premium bourbon from their Rocking M Ranch Distillery.

Tony Moore, Head Distiller at Rocking M Ranch Distillery, said, "We will only keep the heart of the run. The heads and the tales we'll discard and we only keep the best of the best so we have a good tasting premium product that the customer will enjoy."

Tony said he is keeping all ingredients local. Two silos will hold 140,000 pounds of corn and wheat. The grain will go into a grinder, and once grounded up it will head into a cooker, then it will be chilled. At that point the product will head into this fermentation room where the yeast is added.

"It will sit in the fermentation room for approximately five days and after the fermentation is over, they will move to our steel pump." Moore added, "As it through our steel it comes out a clear liquid that's ready to go to the barrel."

Moore said by law bourbon can only be made in New American White Oak Barrels and aged for a minimum of two years.

"We are really excited and have only heard a good response from everybody on our product." Moore added, "If we're going to put our name on it, it's going to be a premiums product. We are excited to be from Texas and make a Texas product."

The Moore's welcome Texoma to tour the Rocking M Ranch Distillery.

Rocking M Ranch Distillery will add a visitor and tasting center by spring of next year.

The facility and equipment were all handmade by Tony Moore and his son. Once the bourbon is produced and ready for store shelves, the final product will be called Enoch Sylvester.

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Natalie Garcia,  Newschannel 6