Nighthawks Need Community Support To Make An Impact

The Wichita Falls Nighthawks, the new professional minor league team in town, is fully funded by two private co-owners, which means the team came to the Falls at no cost to the city.

"It's almost like a gift to the city that we wanted to bring and say, "Here's a top quality product. Are you ready and can you support it?" said General Manager Jerry Hughes.

Ticket prices are kept low, at only $10 a game or $45 for a season pass. However, Hughes said it is up to residents to support them. "We can financially do it as a franchise. It's, can this city show up and prove that we can be in that kind of market?" said Hughes. "We've put it all on the table and pretty much put it all in the hands of Wichita Falls as a city. It's up to them."

The team has already financially impacted the city, through buying a full season of practices and games at Memorial Stadium, and moving in almost half the team members and their families into Wichita Falls. With games starting up soon, visiting teams are expected to give the city a boost as well.

"From eating, doing different things like that, hotel stays, you know, obviously filling up at local gas stations to get back home...there's lots of impact," said Hughes.

The Nighthawks' first scrimmage is Sunday, Nov. 18th, 1-4p.m. at Memorial Stadium. The scrimmage is free to attend and is the first time anyone in the public will see the team play.