Great American Smokeout Success

More than two hundred people ran laps around Sikes lake they were covered head to toe with color.  

Beneath the music and colored powder in the air, was a serious message: color your run --- not your lungs.

For thirty seven years the American cancer society has been hosting the great American smokeout, a day dedicated to encouraging people to quit smoking or start trying to quit.

I hope the tides turning that there's not going to be as many smokers.

Health experts say picking a day to quit -- and sticking to it -- can help. Megan Richardson said helping just one person -- would be worth it.      

if we can at least get one person to stop smoking I feel like that at least accomplishes something to know, maybe that can save someone's life in the long run.

I hope so I hope so, I hope people can kick the habit if they rally want to.

The awareness is especially needed in Wichita falls, where the number of smokers is higher than the national average.

In the nation its 17.3 percent and were at 20.3 percent.

Yvette eipper with the Wichita falls health district said the next necessary step is making our restaurants and bars smoke free.

A lot of bars and restaurants have already quit in Texas and we have a large, Austin, San Antonio they've done it you now they're almost there and so were next.