New Flight Schedule

Travelers are gearing up for the holidays and so are airlines. American Eagle passengers can now take earlier flights.

The Wichita Falls Municipal Airport will now be open earlier to accommodate passengers traveling on the newly added 7 am flight into Dallas.

The new schedule started Friday. Airport officials said because of winter, flights have been reduced from four each day to only three.

Now, the first flight departs around 7am. Then passengers will pick from two afternoon flights. There's also a flight that is just inbound with passengers from Dallas that arrives at 8 PM.

Passengers are taking a liking to the new changes.

Travelers Mary Hosch and Chris Boren, commented, "I think it would be a lot more convenient for the holidays." They added, "I thought for business travelers leaving earlier in the morning makes much more sense. I know a lot of business people travel between here and Dallas, so a 7 am makes a lot more sense."

The new schedule is not the only change for the Wichita Falls Municipal Airport. Officials said a multiphase construction project is underway to make the airport two times larger.

Airport officials said the feed back from passengers has been great. They said all three flights are completely packed every day.

Because of the changes in the flight schedule, the airport has new hours. It will open at 5 am and close at 10 every night.

Natalie Garcia,   Newschannel 6