Holiday Help

The latest job report shows unemployment dipped to 5.8% in October, down a full percentage point from October 2011. With the holiday season fast approaching and many companies looking to bring on extra help, there could be even more good news in the weeks to come.

Bill Scantlin with Workforce Solutions North Texas said it's the prime time of the year for businesses to hire extra help. He said, "Typically as the holiday season approaches, Thanksgiving, Christmas, most of your retail outlets start beefing up their manpower. This is certainly the peak period. This is where most of your bigger retailers make the vast majority of their income for the year."

Jeff Turnbo, owner of Nacols Jewelry has already brought on extra help to work in a newly opened location at the Sikes Senter Mall. He said, "We hired some of the former employees that worked out here and we also hired in some part time people for the season. I like to keep as many as I can."

Scantlin said other people hired over the holidays could be in luck after the Christmas lights come down. He said, "Traditionally at least a third to as high as a fourth of the people who are hired for seasonal employment are rolled into permanent ant employees after the season ends."

Scantlin also said many holiday positions are filled through word of mouth, but he did suggest checking with local temp agencies to see if they have any holiday job openings.