Turkey Day Helps Hundreds of Families

Thanksgiving is around the corner and already people are getting their turkeys. Sunday morning one local church gave away hundreds of free turkeys to those who needed one.

"This is a year round event that we prepare for," said Evangel Temple Pastor, Kyle Bateman.

From atop the church staircase to the center of all the action the gratitude, smiles and
thankfulness poured out over something quite simple, a turkey.

'"I had a little boy in the hallway and his mom said, 'Pastor I want
you to tell my son why you do this because he can't figure out why
your church wants to do this.' I told them it's because we love people,"' said Pastor Bateman.

"It will help my step-daughter and her husband and me because after
we go over there we go over to our house and enjoy," said Marna Lindsey who picked up a turkey.

For the eleventh year Evangel Temple has held "Turkey Day." It's what Pastor Kyle Bateman calls his favorite day of the year.

"We want to celebrate people and we know there's a lot of hurting people in this community that need a little love in their life and somebody that believes in them. That's why we do it."

Jonas Miller was here to bless another family who couldn't make it to church Sunday afternoon. He picked up their turkey for them.

"It's a way I can bless them and it's through the church and it's an awesome blessing."

More than 250 families will have a Thanksgiving meal complete with the most important part of the feast.

Turkeys were provided through church members and some businesses in the community.

Crystal Hall Newschannel 6.